Kaasen Localized Cryotherapy & Fat Freezing

The Kaasen uses subzero temperatures to isolate affected areas triggering relief from pain and muscle soreness.

The Kaasen is also used for “fat freezing'“ where fat is literally frozen from the body and drains through the lymphatic system through apoptosis. Sessions take between 5-15 minutes to complete and typically result in a half inch of fat taken off per session.

The Kaasen is used for Cryo Facials or “frotox” where the skin is lifted and tightened through cold therapy.



In reaction to the extreme cold, hormones including adrenaline and B-Endorphines are released which are powerful natural pain killers. This provides immediate pain relief.

Reduces Systemic Inflammation

Stimulates immediate improvement in blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Promotes reduction of haematomas, oedemas and swellings.


Reduced systemic inflammation reduces the muscle tension, which increases the range of movement and allows faster rehabilitation.

Feel Good

Encourages a favorable biological response to the cold stress. This has been linked to improved levels of well-being.

Helps with both acute and chronic injuries

  • Injuries and dislocations of joints

  • Torn muscle or tendon, sprains, strains, muscle spasms

  • Arthritis

  • Oedema, haematomas

  • Postoperative swelling